When do you post new stuff?

Then, when we have time and want to write something. So younever may expect frequent posts. But we try to post something regulary.

Which topics do you write about?

All topics in that we are interested in. That will be mainly new media like the Internet, politics (most German politics because we are from Germany) and our hobbies. And sometimes there will be posts with topics completly out of the nowhere. If you are having some Ideas what we can write about, just write a comment or contact us by E-Mail (dingdong@wanorde.de). If we think, your idea would be nice for ‘wanorde’, we will write about it.

Why do you do all this here?

Because we want to do it. And because we like to write some textes. And because we like it to share our stuff with others. And because we ever wanted to have a own Blog. And so on… and so on. You see there are many reasons. Just pick one out 😉