Time to get upset…

The following article is about the situation in Germany. Please keep this in mind.

There are many things that really annoy me. It may be because of the student-unfriendly acts of the Ministers of education of the german states, because of the climate change, or because of this many idiots, who never totally realized, that it is sometimes necessary to limit liberties for protecting liberties. But lets start at the beginning:

I think, I don’t have to explain, that today isn’t normal at all. The Coronavirus does party all over the world, which nobody really enjoys. But instead of protecting themselves and others, for example wearing breathing masks and staying home if it isn’t necessary to go out, instead of all that some people break the sure not perfect but useful regulations or call them stupit. People, mostly teenagers or young grown-ups are meeting at the park, making “corona parties” and justify it by saying that the virus is not dangerous for them; And are totally forgetting, that 1st: That isn’t correct, and 2nd: the virus is especially old, ill or disabled people very dangerous. It is that ignorance, that annoys me. And if people think, they should complain about the regulations, just because they think, that, because it worked well, it is enough now, I really want to smash my head again and again against the next stone wall. In Germany the corona regulation says, that shops with a maximum area of 800 sqare meters (about 8,611.13 ft² or 956.8 yd²) are allowed to reopen. A local fashion store just complained about this regulation and the local court even agreed! All that, becauce some lawyers thought, they are smarter than all the experts, in that case the viroloists. That people havn’t understood jet what actually is going on: That all is not an enormous campaign to weak the economy ot to annoy big department stores, this is about the protection of every single one of us. My oppinion is, that the health of all of us is worth more, than the success of a company. And when somebody linke Ms. Bahner from Heidelberg thinks, it would be recommendable to complain about the bans and restrictions on contact, that only gives evidence of great intelectual paltriness. Sorry, but that is the only way I can describe this. It does not describe her as guardian of the people’s rights, it describes her as a person, who only thinks of herself and her direct friends and well-knowns, and who does not loose any thought about people, which are direct and immediately affected by the crisis: Old people, chronically ill people, disabled, and of course all those people who work as nurse, caregiver, paramedic or doctor, or all the other jobs without our society would collapse. And they are doing this, allthrough they might get infected, that they can help those, who are more ill. It is not only apitty, but incredibly mournful for our that progressive society.

And for those who thougt, that our politicans made everything just fine: They also did some things, which hurt to hear. It shocks me, how they deal with the students. They try to restart with normal school as soon as possible and attempt to leave no one behind, but they leave them alone with the choice: Either they risk an infection of a potential deadly illness, or they won’t write their exams. At many schools they not only havn’t got enough sinks and sanitizer ejectors, but also not enough space for the minimum distance between people. And how they want to manage the 4th-graders not to hug each other, is, lets call it not finally desided. But hey, passing laws or regulations without knowing how to enforce them, that’s something we all remember… . But there is one question that isn’t really answered by anyone: How to deal with students, who live toghetter with people, for which an infection would result quite surely in dying? Will they have the choice: Either you’ll write your exams, or your Grandma stays healthy? What they did here, is the attempt going back to normality too early. And the victims are those, who already have to suffer enough becaue of the halb-baked and partly ignorant politics, they are those, which normally should be protected by our government, but instead of this they are sent into the virus hell, wheather thes want to, or not.

This is the translation of the german post named “Es ist wieder Zeit, sich aufzuregen”, published at wanorde.de.

Author: Florian Boden

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