What is “wanorde”?

Imagine there is something you want to collect for yourself and others in one central place.

Imagine, there’s something you want to tell, something you want to write down for the rest of the world.

Imagine you want a share something with others.

Imagine you could do it all in one place, one place for everyone. This place is “wanorde” for us. Wanorde is Dutch and means “disorder” or “confusion”. These two terms are actually meant to describe this site quite well: a hopeless mess of content that is currently occupying us. But not only this side is a big “wanorde”, but also our life, our ways of working, if we work at all, and our thoughts. Therefore we have chosen “wanorde” as the title of this page.

For us, the project “wanorde” has a very special significance: “wanorde” is the first web project that we do on our own. So far we have either built pages for other people, or for us, because someone said that you need a website for this. But “wanorde” we built it of our own free will, because we just wanted to. And so we will also keep this site in the future: If we just want to publish something here, we will do that, if not, then not.