Who’s Flo?

Youth firefighter, youth Red Cross, altar boy, model builder, hobby computer scientist, hobby filmmaker and photographer, aspiring cook, boy scout and now also blogger – I am all that, but not quite so much. It’s damn hard to describe yourself, to say exactly who you are. And yet I have tried it here.

I am Flo, 15 years old and come from the beautiful Swabian Alb. My spare time, which is not available at all, looks very colorful and a bit monotonous. I have been an active model railwayman since I was three years old, since my 10th birthday I’m a member of the local youth group of the German Red Cross and an altar boy, since my 12th youth firefighter and since last year boy scout. And everything else came by the way sometime. And yet I do everything with heart and soul. However, main occupation I am a student. And thanks to my very horny timetable my free time looks like it looks. Everyday School in the afternoon, but not always at the morning, I don’t know why. Usually school ends for me at 5 pm, then I have free time. This is why my hobbies have shifted to the weekend. Except for this blog. I write it in the lunch breaks, in the bus and in free hours. So exactly when I should be studying for school. But what the hell; As long as I graduate, everything is ok.